Doors are the face of any place in the modern elevation and interiors. We at ESHINE offers range of doors with pride are:

  • ESHINE P.C.(Plastic Coated) FLUSH DOOR



ESHINE flush doors are simple interior and exterior doors that feature plain facings on both sides of the construction. While the flush door is more closely associated with function rather than style, this plain sort of flush door lends itself well to a number of room designs where the desire is to highlight other elements in the space. Door of this type may have a solid or hollow core. The typical flush door is manufactured by using two section of plywood that are attached to each side of a wooden frame. While interior of the door is made of solid hardwood / softwood core.

ESHINE flush doors is an ISI product have excellent durability and dimensionally stability. Face veneer & cross-bands are made from 100% imported timber which are uniformely dried to improve natural durability. Superior grade resin as per IS standard applied and provides 100% B.W.R. (Boiling Water Resistant). Doors are pressed under high temperature and pressure which makes them exceptionally durable and dimensionally stable and improves screw holding capacity and overall mechanical strength.


Advantages of ESHINE Flush door:

  • ESHINE Flush door offers simplicity in design and less expensive.
  • ESHINE Flush door provides attractive appearance.
  • ESHINE Flush door provides durability.
  • ESHINE Flush door have rich and warm appearance of a traditional door.
  • ESHINE Flush door have good stability against twisting.
  • ESHINE Flush door are also manufactured in non-standard sizes against customer specific orders.
  • ESHINE Flush door cant split, peel or rot, and don't require periodic refinishing.
  • ESHINE Flush door is unaffected by the elements and humid environments & offer good cleanliness.



ESHINE skin door are made as per customer choice from selected skin manufacturer across the global market known for its quality, which is applied on our door produced on 100% imported timber with special seasoning treatment to deliver high quality skin door. Our skin door can be applied to various housing and office projects. Our skin door is pressed under high temperature and pressure and is bonded with superior grade resin as per IS standard which guarantees its life and strength and thereby offers exceptionally value and versatility.

ESHINE skin door are an advanced version of flush doors. They get laminated with skin, due to this doors will get strength and also enhance the beauty of home.

Moulded skin doors come in different appearance according to the end user requirement. They are available in 2, 4 & 6 panel types in all standard size & thickness.

Advantages of ESHINE Skin door:

  • ESHINE Skin door are aesthetic and highly durable.
  • ESHINE Skin door are free from splitting, shrinkage, and cracking.
  • ESHINE Skin door are wrap free and water-resistance.
  • ESHINE Skin door are termite-proof, borer-proof, weather-proof.
  • ESHINE Skin door are extreme dimensionally accuracy with lightweight but highly strong body has capacity to withstand high pressure during their life span.



ESHINE block board is made from 100% imported timber with selected high density veneer and pressed under high temperature and pressure and bonded with selected resin as per IS standard which provided to give high mechanical strength, high screw holding capacity. Our boards are weather proof and do not twist under wood working condtions and makes them resistant to termites and borers.

ESHINE block board is truly an unusual, innovative product and however technology of calibration and pre-press, it has been possible to make a block board from Gurjan. This is a block board of much higher strength and durability compared to regular block board, and with the other additional advantages of Gurjan. This is a unique product with resistant termites and borer proof.


Advantages of ESHINE Block board:

  • ESHINE Block board are borer proof and termite resistant.
  • ESHINE Block board are fungi free.
  • ESHINE Block board provide attractive appearance, elegance & beauty.
  • ESHINE Block board are more economical better surface in terms of surface planeness and flatness.
  • ESHINE Block board are highly durable against high moisture condition & cyclic changes in weathr.
  • ESHINE Block board aremade with 100% seasoned wood as per IS standard.