ESHINE PLY is made out of specially selected high density veneer which is produced from the veneer procured from global market.

Plywood is pressed under high temperature and pressure and are bonded with superior grade resin (conforming to IS standard) resulting in a product which is dimensionally stable, structurally strong, exceptionally durable and have superior nail holding capacity.

ESHINE PLY is a composite material composed of individual plies/veneer of wood. These plies are glued together with synthetic resin according to IS Standard. ESHINE PLY is less likely to wrap or split, due to its construction, plywood is strong, flexible, good for building furniture, cabinets and all other applications.

Advantages of ESHINE Plywood

  • ESHINE Plywood are made from selected core & face veneer and are bonded with superior resin conforming to IS standard.
  • ESHINE Plywood are borer proof and termite resistant.
  • ESHINE Plywood are fungi free.
  • ESHINE Plywood are more economical better surface finish in terms of surface planeness and flatness.
  • ESHINE Plywood are highly durable against high moisture condition & cyclic changes in weather.
  • ESHINE Plywood are made as per IS standard. Our entire range of plywood manufactured are listed below.
  • 1.B.W.P (Marine Grade) Plywood,
  • 2.B.W.R (Boiling Water Resistant) Plywood,
  • 3.M.R. (Moisture Resistant) Plywood.